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About me
I am a speech recognition researcher. I am currently an Associate Research Professor at the Center for Language and Speech Processing at Johns Hopkins University.

Site contents
The main content of my site is my publications page .
You may also be interested in the Kaldi website.
Here is a page with links to some lectures I started giving about Kaldi (warning: slightly out of date.)
This page (again slightly out of date) describes some research topics I am currently interested in.
(some presentations from the JHU 2009 workshop)

Why does this page look so simple?
I used to have my homepage on Google Sites but it got removed by Google. I believe what happened is I posted a preprint of a paper I had published in an Elsevier journal (Computer Speech and Language) and some copyright goons hired by Elsevier submitted a DMCA request to Google, to get it removed. Although posting preprints is allowed by the journal, and although I immediately submitted a counter-notification, Google killed my site anyway. Since this is the second time my site has been killed, and I expect most US-based web hosting solutions would do the same, I am now hosting my own site.
I host this site myself, using apache2 on Debian linux, which I run as a micro instance in Amazon's EC2 cloud. I use a domain which my wife Nadira had previously registered for me via GoDaddy (she also helped me with the HTML and CSS).

The Center for Language and Speech Processing
Hackerman Hall 226
3400 North Charles Street
Baltimore, MD 21218
dpovey AT gmail DOT com